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Friday, 27 September 2019

War Against Islamophobia


Since after 9/11, the world's dynamics were completely changed. The so called "War on Terror" had begun, USA invaded Afghanistan and created a total false perception about Muslims, Jihad and Islam. At that time the world was uni-polar (USA), they were succeeded in creating a false perception about Jihad. They defamed Jihad across the world by setting up militant terror groups like ISIS, Al-Qaeda and many more. In the European world, Islam was introduced as a symbol of terror and still people are victim of it. They think that Muslims  are terrorists, extremists and are the most horrible creature of this world. The European leaders were completely misguided about the perception of jihad. This is hard to understand that the same country (USA) was fueling the Afghan Taliban for Jihad in the form of providing weapons to them and training the Afghan Taliban against the USSR. But when their concern was developed in the same country, they just changed the whole perception. 

Islamophobia was getting fueled with high power because of Islamic extremism (that does not mean the extremists are only exist in Islam). This was the issue which the enemy cashed from Muslims. Many militant terror groups were raised and by these groups the enemies of Muslims are bleeding in the world.  If we observe keenly then we will come to know that the bad image of Islam or ISLAMOPHOBIA was spread with help of media which is an important weapon. The European world used its complete media power to misinterpret the concept of Islam.

By 2019, when the presidents or head states of different countries are in USA to attend the meeting of UN General Assembly, Imran Khan, Mahateer Muhammad and Rajab Tayyab Erdogen held a meeting in which they decided to launch a TV Channel with the corporation of Pakistan, Malaysia & Turkey. This channel will be launched in English language which will definitely help to counter the attacks on the concepts of islam. Such channel is needed because the Muslims are not having any big platform where they can defense themselves. This channel will unite the muslims. It will also deny the islamophobia theory which is prevailed in europe through the media. This trilateral corporation between these countries will also awake other muslim countries. 


 As we know that this the era of 5th generation warfare in which mind has been controlled by using media facilities. This islamic channel will counter all the attacks which will done by europen country/ies. with the help of this, we can also unite the whole muslims under the flag of islam. But the question is "will USA and countries make this happen". If we look by our surroundings, we will find the answer in negative. America do not want any muslim country to get raised and come into power. 

Imran Khan on his visit of America has crushed America by criticizing the American policies regarding all the war strategies. He bashed at America and said that Pakistan did the biggest blunder of the history by supporting America on war on terror. Not only this, Imran Khan also criticized the western world over doing the blasphemy of our beloved personalities. We cannot talk on Holocaust while sitting in western societies but nobody is to ask when they mock the prophet (PBUH). This is also a reason for launching this channel because no any other Muslim country is taking step.  

Saturday, 21 September 2019

Arab Spring 2.0


From the back to back big events happening in Middle East, everyone can assess or predict that there is something big going to happen in Middle East region. If we look on the articles of different magazines so we will get a lesson that Americans and Israeli lobby is all set to play a brutal bloody game in Middle East again. As we know that the oil refinery was targeted by the Iran (According to Saudi Officials), we can measure the rampancy of this attack by reading the statistics of the economy of Saudi Arabia that the 50% production of oil is completely cut off. For the first time in the history Saudi Arabia is importing oil. On the other hand, Iran straightly rejects the accusations of Saudi Arabia & USA regarding attack on oil refineries.

While in Egypt, major protests are being held against the government of President Faeth Al-Sissie. The protestors are demanding the resignation of president because of the poor performance of his government. The economy of Egypt was completely drowning and still it is not stable yet. IMF has completely crushed the economy and trying to get the country under its clutches. The people of egypt is angry especially on the demise of Muhammad Morsi in the custody of government. The people were waiting for the chance to express the anger over government and they got it. 

If we connect the dots so we will come to know that there will not be any peace in this region anymore. Actually, more wars are waiting in this region. US deployed more forces in Saudi Arabia & UAE. Already US having CENTCOM in Qatar. Its Abraham Lincoln fleet is wandering in Indian Ocean. So these are the indicators of something big and brutal in coming future. 

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

February 27, 2019

  A Nightmare for India

In the month of February earlier in 2019 when Prince of Saudi Arabia visited Pakistan for a bigger investment. Eastern neighbor of Pakistan could not bear this. Political leadership of India did a False flag and they surely did that. Attack was conducted on a military convoy in Pulwama, Indian Occupied Kashmir. They started propagating as always by saying "Pakistan is behind this attack" in short they were accusing Pakistan. On the other hand, Pakistani Government was busy because Saudi Prince Muhammad Bin Salman was coming to Pakistan and it was supposed be a successful visit of Saudi Prince for both countries. 

On the eastern side, Indian Government is totally cashing the Pulwama incident for their electoral favor. Pakistani Intelligence Agencies and armed forces completing monitoring their single step with diligence. In these days, Saudi Prince had fantastic visit to Pakistan, as he returned back to the Saudi Arabia, the indian government had started the fake propaganda against Pakistan with high power. After getting free from the visit of Saudi Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, the government of Pakistan shifted its complete focus towards Eastern Border. It was completely understood that Indian army may conduct any misadventure at the eastern border.

On the night of February 26th, 2019 the moment came and Indian Air force intruded in Pakistani Airspace from Kashmir with 20 aircrafts. Eight among them were loaded with missiles. As Pakistan Air Force detected this happening. The Pakistani Pilots flew and pushed back the Indian Aircrafts. Before going back to home, Indian Pilots threw the payloads just for the sake to get back safely to home. 

On the day of february 26th, the indian media said that the IAF has conducted a surgical strike at BALAKOT which results in exploding of training camps of "Jaish-e-Muhammad". Well this was also a fake propaganda because they were failed give even a single evidence of so called so called surgical strike. On the other hand, Pakistan was planning to respond the enemy because it challenged the sovereignty of Pakistan. Well, Pakistan Air force intruded in IOK and targeted the milutary installments of Indian Army. Pakistan Air force locked six targets and hit them while keeping a safety distance. This was just a message for the enemy that we can damage you from anywhere and anytime.

On February 27th, Pakistan Air force shot down two Indian Jets which were MIG-21 & Sui-30, not only this Pakistan also arrrested the Wing Commander Abhinandan and apprehended more pilots. Pakistan released the pictures of Abhinandan and stiill India was not owning him. But after few hours, their foreign ministry accepted that Pakistan has arreseted their Wing Commander.  Just to fool their nation, Indian media started a fake propaganda again by saying that the Abhinandan has shot down Pakistani F-16 with his MiG-21. But as we believe that the truth always prevails. International Media also confirmed that Pakistan had not lost any F-16 aircraft on 27th February.

"The 27th February 2019"  will remain a NIGHTMARE for India always.